How to Contribute

We’re glad you’d like to help improve the quality and accessibility of federal spending data. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to share your thoughts.

All of our open comment threads are hosted on GitHub. In order provide feedback on any open issues, you must first create a GitHub account. Sign up for a free account at

You can get updates when new data elements are ready for feedback by joining our mailing list.

Feedback on Data Elements Completed

Each data element listed on the data elements page has a corresponding GitHub issue that’s linked in the name of the element; it’s helpful to think of each issue as a distinct comment thread. To view the feedback received related to that data element, click on the data element’s name – you’ll be taken to the issue page.

Proposing New Elements

If you think of a data element that you’d like to see included in the standard for federal spending data, we’d love to hear about it. Please take the following steps to share your feedback about the element(s) you’d like to see created:

  • Visit the Federal Spending Transparency Github page and create a new issue.
  • In the Title field, type the word Proposed followed by the title of your proposed element. Be descriptive, but also keep your title succinct.
  • Use the comment field to add your description of your proposed element, along with your reasoning for why it should be included in the standard. If you’d like to add an image, you may do so by dragging and dropping or by uploading an image file.
  • Once you’ve completed your proposed element description, hit the Submit button. You’re done! Thanks for sharing your idea.

You may propose as many new elements as you like. Before proposing a new element, however, please check the current list of proposed elements to make sure someone else hasn’t already submitted a similar idea.