Government Contractors

Explore federal agencies and their contractors

Ever wonder who’s getting federal contracts, and what agencies are awarding them? This data visualization tool allows you to see to whom federal contracts are being awarded in Q3 FY17 and what product or services they are being awarded for. Selecting each layer of this chart provides an additional level of detail, starting from major agency to any associated sub-agencies, and to the contractors that receive funding from the federal government.

How to Use this Tool:

Click the inner rings to begin exploring agencies, their offices, and largest contractors. Click the center node to return to a higher level of abstraction.

Funding Subagency
Funding Agency
2017 Q3 Total Contracts

The total amount represents the dollar value awarded during the period, including adjustments made by contract modifications. Downward adjustments in contract value are not depicted with icons in this alpha release, so icons may not always sum to the top level amount.

How this analysis was conducted

This analysis was conducted using agency contract award data reported to, which is available to the public. Each reported contract includes “top tier agency,” “sub-tier agency,” and a “product and service code.” By summarizing the contract award data (available within the awards API endpoint within the DATA Act API) by each of these three attributes, a nested data file is created that drives the information in the data table above.