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Thank you for helping us improve government data. Below are ways you can stay up to date and offer your perspective to enhance government data quality and accessibility.


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External Stakeholder Call
Thursday, September 7, 2017 10 a.m.
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Beta Site -- Visit to see the new official source of accessible, searchable and reliable spending data for the U.S. government and share your feedback on our Community Page.

DATA Act Schema -- The DATA Act information Model Schema (DAIMS) organizes all the data elements into a structure that defines, groups, and relates them to one another. See and comment on the Schema.

DATA Act JIRA site -- JIRA is a software development tool that our team uses to plan, track, and close out tasks ("user stories") in an Agile environment. See all the past, current, and proposed tasks for our various workstreams.

DATA Act GitHub repositories -- See the code for all the technology we are building to make federal spending more transparent.

Usability Testing -- Our usability team wants your feedback on designs and workflow. Sign up here if you would like to participate. Sessions are conducted online and last about 45 minutes.

Issue Tracker -- Have a question or comment on something else? Please file an issue and we'll respond as soon as possible.

Federal Agencies

Visit to see the new official source of accessible, searchable and reliable spending data for the U.S. government.

User Interviews/Testing -- We conduct usability testing to make sure our content and screen layouts make sense. Sessions last 45-60 minutes and are conducted via Web-Ex. Sign up here to participate.

Office Hours Call -- Every Thursday, Treasury and OMB staff provide updates and take agencies' implementation questions on a conference call (dial-in information).

Tech Thursdays -- We hold in-person, informal working sessions once a month for agencies to engage directly with the DATA Act team and ask questions regarding DATA Act implementation. This is a forum for individuals working to implement the DATA Act to meet and collaborate with one another and share best practices. To sign-up, contact the DATA Act PMO.

Workshops -- Ready for one-on-one help? We will come to your agency to discuss your DATA Act implementation questions and progress. Contact the DATA Act PMO to schedule.

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